First laps of the year

I have been snowboarding since I was 5. I like it a lot. It is fun to go to Wachusett with my dad and my friends that go on weekends and on Wednesday nights.

This photo was of the first day out. It was taken by my dad as we were riding up the lift and he was in the chair behind us. It is nick, me, evie and nick’s friend from VT Gidget.

Into the night
Gidget, Evie, me, Nick


Clamming on the Cape

My Papa ( my grandfather) lives on the cape. I get to spend time with him during the summer. One of the things we like to do is go clamming. This photo and video was taken in August 2015 when my dad joined us. We had a good day and brought home almost 50 clams!

The Catch. It’s hard work but worth it! And Fun!

Steamed them up and had them for dinner!

The Bounty


The Dinner


The Video


Found a new fishing spot

I am still new to bass fishing but one thing I know, I really enjoy it. My dad and I went out on Sunday morning this past summer and he pulled up google maps and tried to find a new spot. This one was right off the road on RT 56 in either Oakham or Barre.

This wasn’t a huge catch but it fought hard and was the best catch of the day.

Always a good day when you catch something!